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David Gold and MPP Bass Balkissoon at the Urban Heros Awards
MPP Bass Balkissoon

The Urban Hero Awards is an annual awards program that recognizes those community members and grassroots level ‘heroes’ whose personal efforts, sacrifices or contributions have made a significant impact to a cause, a person or a group in our local community.

They are for individuals who stand out in a crowd because they have made a difference in our neighbourhoods. The awards are for groups and businesses that are committed to making our community a better place to live.

David Gold of Standard Auto Wreckers said “We have been supporting the Toronto community from a charitable and eco-friendly perspective for over 30 years now and it was a great honour and a lot of fun to present the environmental award at this years Urban Hero Event. I would like to again congratulate the deserving winner; Auriel Haynes, Diana Liuzzi and Allen Elias!!”

Councillor Michael Thomson with David Gold at the Urban Heros Awards
Councillor Michael Thompson
Don't text and drive "Don't Text and Drive" is the message Standard Auto Wreckers featured with this accident vehicle at the "Import Expo Car Show 2011." People were signing pledges to not text and drive on the vehicle itself. The damage here really brought home the message to many that weekend.
mow down
Mow Down Event and
Standard Auto Wreckers 2011
National Mow Down Pollution Event - A record number of gas lawnmowers and trimmers were recycled at this year's Mow Down Pollution program: over 5,700 mowers and trimmers were returned, as Canadians realize they can cut their emissions while they cut the grass.
Standard Auto Wreckers, as part of the Auto Recyclers of Canada is proud to participate in this event.
Sunshine Foundation Sunshine Foundation is a great charity that is making Dreams for Kids with severe disabilities as well as life-threatening illnesses come true. Standard Auto Wreckers is very proud of our association with this worthwhile charity and hope to continue donating funds that make a difference in these childrens' lives.
Food Bank Cheque

Food Bank Canada received from Standard Auto Wreckers through our CharityCar program a donation of $13,000. That will help provide 26,000 meals across Canada!
Here is David Gold of Standard Auto Wreckers, Jay Granofsky and Paul Coon of the CharityCar (division of Green Vehicle Disposal) program along with Heather Nelson and Kayley Collum of Food Bank Canada.


10,000 Trees for the Rouge

10,000 Trees for the Rouge is a volunteer, non-profit group dedicated to restoring natural habitat within the Rouge Valley, located on the northeastern outskirts of Toronto. Standard Auto Wreckers directed donation of $10,000 be made by the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association. ("OARA") to the 10,000 Trees to show support for their stewardship of the Rouge Valley.



Proud Participants Award

Clean Air Foundation SwitchOut Program - Standard has been participating in the Switch Out program since 2003 and has safely recovered over seven kilograms of mercury! In the most recent mercury switch collection sweep in Ontario, Standard Auto Wreckers collected and returned over 3,700 mercury switches - the most switches returned out of all participating auto recyclers in Ontario!
Ken and David were presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Clean Air Foundation and the OARA Board of Directors at the OARA tradeshow in March, 2007 for their leadership. Congratulations to the Standard Auto Wreckers team for all your efforts! Keep up the great work! Learn More.....
Standard Auto Wreckers in the Community - Here at Standard Auto Wreckers we are active in our community. In 2004 our employees donated a whopping 187 bags of clothing for The Ontario Federation Cerebral Palsy. Click on this thumbnail to see the certificate given to us for 2004.

Charity Car Program Big Success at Standard Auto Wreckers - Standard Auto Wreckers has been working hand-in-hand with many Charities on its Charitycars.ca website. People are getting rid of their higher polluting end of life vehicles and charities are reaping the benefits, in donations.
The Charitycars.ca program has now gone National with affiliates in different provinces picking up vehicles. National, provincial and local charities are reaping the benefits.

Auto Recycling at the Zoo? - Toronto Zoo is featuring a special project from June 29, 2004 to September 30, 2004. Ian Lazarus and Badanna Zack designed the "Serpentine Mounds" as part of the Zooarts projects. Standard Auto Wreckers provided the cars for the environmentally theme display. Click on the thumbnail to see the picture, taken May 13th, 2004 of the almost completed project.
Standard Ladies Soccer Team
Ladies Soccer in Markham - Standard Auto Wreckers has been sponsoring this Ladies Soccer team know as " Standard Auto", for several years now. Missing from this picture is employee Yasmin Towheed.
Carbon IQ Test

Carbon IQ Test was a project started many months ago in joint co-operation with the web development teams of Green Web Designs, Standard Auto Wreckers and the Green Vehicle Disposal group of companies which include Charity Car programs in Canada and the USA. 

Our hope is that this short quiz helps people understand the impact carbon emissions are having on our eco-system and if each of us makes a small commitment to do better it can make a huge difference world-wide.

Why not take the carbon quiz now and  please share this quiz with your friends, family and co-workers.   Together we can make a difference.

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