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25 Most Influential Auto Recyclers -
Overall Most Influential 2009: David Gold

David Gold, co-owner of Standard Auto Wreckers in Scarborough, Ontario and Niagara Falls, N.Y., embodies the best of auto recyclers in all categories. He has influenced many facets of the industry - environment, technology and association - while running two businesses in two countries. "I see dedication to strengthen the industry, innovator and always on the cutting edge of technology when I think of David Gold;' said Bill Abold, A & P Auto Parts, Inc., Cicero, N.Y.His devotion to the industry has earned him a place on this list twice. Gold was Locator Up Front's 2006 most influential one-to-watch. More...

Environmental News on End Of Life Vehicle Processing

Ken and David Gold
Ken and David Gold at the Toronto Facility

Parts Locator Magazine Article "Pure Gold"

UpFront July August September

October 2006

Canadian Recycler Opens New Facility

Ken Gold founded Standard Auto Wreckers with three employees in the Toronto suburb

of Scarborough, Ontario, in 1979. Back then, he never thought about the United States as a source for salvage vehicles or as a market for his recycled parts. Read the full article here. pdf


e-Commerce: a Virtual Reality

The Internet is shaping up to have the greatest impact on the recycling industry since the creation of the Hollander interchange. With nearly half of all salvage being purchased online, those recyclers that learn how to effectively navigate the cyberspace universe will live long and prosper.
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dgold ara
David Gold giving the ARA E-Commerce Report

ARA E-Commerce Report

The E-Commerce Committee is a very active and engaged committee. Our productive group consists of ARA members and professional stakeholders in our industry, who have varying perspectives and opinions, and who have been instrumental in the advancement of the initiatives for which our committee has been tasked.

This committee was tasked with establishing very important E-Commerce related ARA standards, that will prove to be instrumental in furthering our parts sales initiatives to our most important customers, the Collision Repair Industry.
Read the full article here.pdf

aerial saw to 
 Standard Auto Wreckers Toronto Ontario

October 4, 2006

Gold Standard

Standard Auto Wreckers has led by example since 1979

When Ken Gold purchased a large plot of land in the Rouge River valley, just north of the Metro Toronto Zoo in Scarborough, ON

in 1979 to create an auto recycling facility, it had to be progressive, he had no choice. Standard Auto Wreckers was built on top of a greenbelt with strict environmental guidelines placed upon it."Our mission has always been to protect our land and keep it from being polluted," says David Gold, who owns Standard Auto Wreckers together with his father.
Read the full article here. pdf

giraffe zoo

Auto Recycling at the Zoo?

Toronto Zoo is featuring a special project from June 29, 2004 to September 30, 2004.  Ian Lazarus and Badanna Zack designed the "Serpentine Mounds" as part of the Zooarts projects.  Standard Auto Wreckers provided the cars for the environmentally theme display. Click on the picture to more about the ZooArts project. 

Front Ends in NY
Front Ends in the New York Warehouse

November December 2007 Issue of Automotive Recycling Magazine

Spotlight on
Standard Auto Wreckers

When former lawyer Ken Gold purchased an eleven-acre site in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough, Ontario in 1979 and launched Standard Auto Wreckers, he planned to be very successful...
Click here to read the article. pdf

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