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Conditional Warranty Limits

Customers are responsible for providing a vehicle adequately designed to safely transport the part(s) and for safely securing the part (s) to the vehicle.


  1. Engines are guaranteed to be in good operating condition with reasonable limits of specifications for 30 days* as stated by the seller (i.e., oil pressure, compression and oil consumption).  Only the crankshaft, block, heads and valve train are covered under this guarantee.  Accessories such as water pump, distributor, carburetor, injection system, and exhaust manifold are left on for customer convenience only.  Automatic transmissions and Rear Ends are guaranteed functioning assemblies for a period of 30 days*.  This guarantee covers replacement or repair at the option of the seller.  It does not cover any other expenses such as towing, emergency road service, lodging or related expenses.  Failure to replace front or rear transmission seals voids the warranty.  This warranty is honoured at Standard Auto Wreckers only or at a location authorized in writing by Standard Auto Wreckers.  Exchange casting must be returned by purchaser and must be accompanied by the sales receipt.  Any failure as a result of improper assembly voids the warranty.
  2.  Standard Transmissions are guaranteed functional assemblies. Gears are inspected at the time of purchase.  Please install new inspection gaskets before installation.
  3. All mechanical and electrical parts are guaranteed for 30 days*.
  4. Used radiators and heater cores are guaranteed not to leak and to operate effectively for 30 days*.
  5. Defective parts are guaranteed for OVER THE COUNTER REPLACEMENT only.  Only if a replacement is not available will money be refunded.  Non-defective parts are returnable for credit only and are subject to a 25% restocking charge.  Labor and freight charges are not refundable.  Any returned parts must be ACCOMPANIED BY A SALES RECEIPT.
  6. Any special order parts or body section cut to order are NOT RETURNABLE.
  7. Warranty is limited to replacement, repair or refund at the option of the seller.
  8. Warranty does not cover expense in removal or replacement of a nonfunctional part*. (Unless a Labor Warranty was purchased with the part.)
  9. Returned parts must be in same condition as when sold and warranty is void if the part has been disassembled.
  10. Credits for returned parts may be used to purchase other parts.
  11. Any parts not picked up within 30 days will be restocked and customer will lose their deposit.  Deposits are nonrefundable.  If you cancel the order you lose the deposit.



In addition to our standard 30-day warranty, extended warranties are available. 
(See the following extended warranty packages available and conditional warranty limits below)

   Platinum Package Plus: Lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty

   Platinum Package: Lifetime Parts Warranty, no Labor coverage implied or provided.

   Gold Package Plus: One Year Parts and Labor Warranty

   Gold Package: One Year Parts Warranty, no Labor coverage implied or provided.

   Silver Package Plus: 6 Month Parts and Labor Warranty

   Silver Package: 6 Month Parts Warranty, no Labor coverage implied or provided.



  1. Extended Warranty does not apply for commercial vehicles.
  2. If any damage is discovered during warranty period Standard Auto Wreckers is to be notified immediately.
  3. Standard Auto Wreckers reserves the right to repair, replace, or refund the parts and labor according to the Mitchell Manual specifications at the rate of $40.00 an hour. (Labor is paid out only once.)
  4. Installation was done according to manufacturer’s standards.
  5. Labor Warranty is only valid when installed by a certified mechanic or certified shop.


ENGINE WARRANTY COVERAGE: Crankshaft, block, heads and valve train are covered under this warranty.  All other components on or around the engine are not covered by the warranty. (Example:  Water pump, distributor, injection system, and exhaust manifold.)

TRANSMISSION WARRANTY COVERAGE: All internal parts with the exception of gaskets filters and sensors.

  1. Unless the original invoice is noted, all parts are sold with a 30-Day Warranty.  Coverage must be made at original time of purchase. (This warranty is valid only to the purchaser of the part.  The warranty is non-transferable and may only be used by the original buyer whose name appears on the invoice.)
  2. All claims must be accompanied by the part and the original sales receipt.
  3. Warranty does not cover the loss of time, inconvenience, loss of vehicle, towing cost, commercial loss, or consequential damages.
  4. Fluids, gaskets, seals, filters, hoses or other materials and parts used in the installation process are not warranted.  Those materials are also at buyers’ expense.
  5. Claims that result from overheating, accident, abuse, neglect, alteration, improper maintenance or improper installation are not warranted.
  6. Damage caused by failure to maintain your vehicle is not covered.  Buyer must have proof of oil change every 5-8 thousand kilometers.
  7. All parts must be marked with the company’s original markings and stamps.
  8. Effective date of warranty is from the date of purchase and not from the date of installation.
  9. Standard Auto Wreckers suggests that you inform your customers of this warranty.

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