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Letter of Appreciation


Dear Mr. Gold,

I work as a private investigator specializing in vehicle forensics. I had a Toyota Sienna van which the company I work for authorized me to dispose of. I brought it to you on a Wednesday for scrap. I had left and was not five minutes away when your cashier, Janet, phoned me to say that she had underpaid me in that she had not paid me the additional for the aluminum wheels.

Subsequently, the following day I received a phone call from my head office asking if I had disposed of the vehicle because, although the police investigation and charges had been resolved, it was found that there was now a civil litigation pending (this vehicle was involved with a fatality and personal injuries). I phoned Gail and Terry confirmed that the vehicle had not been crushed and put it aside for safekeeping. Friday I came back to retrieve the vehicle.

I felt compelled to write you to let you know how much I appreciate the extra distance all of your staff went in helping me address this situation. Gail, Terry and Janet were understanding, efficient and very accommodating; Clayton and the guys in the yard were also extremely helpful. You should be proud of the staff you have. Every time I do business with Standard, which is quite often, it has always been a pleasant experience. I have been involved with all facets of the auto business for over thirty-five years and it is rare to find individuals that will go the extra mile, but to find an entire organization in which all the members share that same philosophy is truly extraordinary. You are certainly doing something right and my hat is off to you and all of your staff.


Doug Lamb
Owner, Exceltec Auto Services Inc.

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