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Our Free Parts Days have become an annual event at Standard Auto Wreckers. On specified Saturdays from April to the end of October (check our calendar), you pay $75.00 (incl. taxes) to enter our yard and remove all the parts you can carry out in your hands.
On the designated “Free Parts Day” Saturdays, customers have access to the entire self-serve part of the yard with their $75.00 admission fee. With up to 900 cars and trucks to choose from, up to 2015 models (and also newer models may be available more coming in daily), YOU CAN’T LOSE! If you don’t find the parts you are looking for, or if the value of the parts is less than $75.00, we will give you an in-store credit for the difference towards a future purchase or entrance fee for another “Free Parts Day”.

2024 Sale Dates
Saturday 8:30am to 3pm for all Sales
April 13th
May 25th
July 27th
September 7th
Last sale of this year October 26th






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